Using Change Agility to Optimise your Mortgage Business

Disruption isn’t unusual anymore – it’s the norm. More so, there’s an increasing realisation that disruption can bring incredible opportunity or it can kill your company.

But clearly, we’re not in “any old state” of disruption, and with that, the game has fundamentally changed. And if there’s one thing as certain as death and taxes, it is that business is going to keep changing at an accelerated rate. In this respect, disruption is closely aligned with business agility, which refers to the capability of a business to rapidly respond to a change as a means to consistently realise and sustain its full potential.

COVID-19 is bound to the majority of clients in some way. How we respond to, pre-empt and manage clients’ current and emerging circumstances is critical to help them navigate survival (or success). Accordingly, the way we engage needs to be sensitive, strategic, sustainable and solution-focused.

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‘Disruption isn’t unusual anymore – it’s the norm’

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