Trail Book Valuations


For a comprehensive appraisal, whether that be for an individual broker or a multi-person business, Trail Homes is Australia’s most trusted trail book appraiser. 

An appraisal isn’t just for those looking to sell their trail book.



Our expert valuation professionals employ a comprehensive methodology to accurately determine the value of your trail book. 

By analyzing 12-month historical commission statements and considering market factors such as runoff, client base, seasoning, and arrears, our transparent approach ensures a reliable estimate of your trail book’s worth. Contact us for a trustworthy appraisal today.


Professional Appraisal Services | Various Business Purposes

Discover the importance of appraisals beyond mortgage transactions. At Trail Homes, we offer comprehensive appraisal services for mergers, acquisitions, tax purposes, retirement planning, buy-sell agreements, and legal disputes. 

After conducting a thorough appraisal, we respect your decision and won’t pressure you to sell. Contact us today for reliable and unbiased appraisal services.


Unlocking Business Potential |
How Trail Book Appraisals Work

Trail book appraisals provide valuable insights into businesses’ financial health, helping guide strategic decisions to hold, buy, or sell. 

Considerations such as the time value of money and run-off risks play a vital role in the comprehensive assessment of trail books.

You keep track of the worth of your other assets, it’s important to treat your loan book the same way.

Trail Book Appraisal Enquiry Form

If you would like a trail book appraisal, please fill out the form below. We will get in touch with you to discuss the worth of your trail book.