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Sales Process

Explaining the sales process on How to Sell Loan Trail Books.

Your Options

How to Sell Loan Trail Books: Sell your Trail not your Client

There is a perhaps a misconception amongst brokers that to sell your loan trail book, is tantamount to selling your clients, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, the best way to go about selling your trails is to maintain relationships with your clients. To find out more about how we can help, watch this video.

How to Sell Loan Trail Books: The Buy-Back Option

When selling your trail book to Trail Homes, clients have the option to sell their trail book and then buy it back after a minimum of one year.

The buy-back option can be particularly beneficial for clients who are seeking a short term funding situation. This is not obligatory, just another option Trail Homes offers to it’s clients.

Furthermore, to learn more about the flexibility of the selling your trail book to Trail Homes, watch our video explaining the buy-back option.

How We Can Help You

WANTING to Raise Capital and also not give up your clients?

Trail Homes will structure a deal so that your clients, and more broadly the goodwill associated with your business stays with you, the broker. You remain free to deal with your clients, write new loans, refinance old loans, consequently running your business as normal. Additionally, we will never contact your clients. In fact, they will be unaware anything has occurred.

Wanting to finance the purchase of a mortgage broking business?

Trail Homes can effectively provide the capital to purchase any mortgage broking business, subject to our terms and conditions. Furthermore, Trail Homes can provide constructive advice as to the pitfalls and issues associated with buying a mortgage broking business.

Wanting to exit the industry or sell your business?

In conjunction with its industry partners, Trail Homes will work with you to find a buyer, as well as provide the buyer finance to enable the purchase your business. Under this arrangement, you may also wish to stay on within the business and more gradually withdraw from the industry. We can customise the transaction to your preferences.