Frequently Asked Questions


Trail Homes is Australia’s oldest and most respected buyer of mortgage broker trail books. Known for its professionalism, insight and constructive advice, Trail Homes stands ready to purchase your trail book. Read more about us here.

Are there any costs for selling my trail?

No costs are required. We offer you a price for your loan book and that is what you get.

Why would I sell my LOAN book?

Changing aggregators

Funding retirement

Leaving the industry

Accessing working capital

Accessing capital to expand their business or pay down debt

Or it may be as simple as they want to take up new opportunity. Selling your trail books allows you to trade what is effectively a diminishing cash flow for a single or series of payments now. It takes away some uncertainty of income and allows you to access funds now rather than waiting for monthly trail receipts.

How much can I get for my trail books?

It depends on many variables that can affect the value you could obtain, which include the size of the book, the age of the loans, the types of loans, and the type of agreement you have with your aggregator.

Why should I choose Trail Homes?

Straightforward service.

Time efficient sales.

Competitive on price.

Confidential service with respect to all parties.

Single upfront payment.

Constructive advice to the pitfalls of selling and buying mortgage broker businesses.

Work with brokers to find a buyer for their business.

Enable transaction customisation based on broker preferences.